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Best Places to Visit in Deltaville Virginia

Deltaville once boasted the reputation as the Boat Building Capital of Chesapeake Bay and visitors can still experience its connection to the water today. Visitors will discover plenty of activities within this charming waterfront community.

From May-August, check out Deltaville Deltas baseball games or just relax by the beach while sampling fresh seafood at J&W Seafood and Gourmet Market & playing online poker on sites mentioned over the or discovering unique finds at River Shack Treasures.

1. The Deltaville Maritime Museum & Holly Point Nature Park

Deltaville, as the “Boating Capital of the Chesapeake Bay,” offers plenty of watersport opportunities. Bring your own boat or charter one through Norton Yachts to experience all that this stunning city offers.

Deltaville is a place where its sidewalks close down early – often well before midnight during peak tourist seasons like summer. Many of its best attractions can be found along its shoreline and thus boat tours provide an efficient means of touring this charming town, whether bringing your own vessel on trailer or chartering one through Jackson Creek Outfitters.

Deltaville Maritime Museum & Holly Point Nature Park is the jewel in this town, housing an impressive collection of maritime history and heritage as well as providing opportunities for walking, bird-watching and wildlife observation along trails. Situated along General Puller Highway at Jackson Creek Road, this museum pays homage to Deltaville area boatbuilders’ legacy while honoring those hardy watermen who made a living from Chesapeake Bay waters and its environs.

While visiting, visitors can explore exhibits at the Deltaville Maritime Museum or stroll through a Sculpture Garden along a woodland trail. There’s also kayak/canoe landing, waterfront living shoreline, pier walk and picnic areas at this park; family friendly events take place here throughout the year!

After a day of sightseeing, you might be ready for something tasty to eat. Deltaville boasts several seafood restaurants that will satisfy your appetite for oysters, crab cakes, Chesapeake Bay rockfish and more. Or why not visit the Deltaville Farmers Market where fresh produce and baked goods await to fill that hunger while also contributing to supporting local economies and creating community connections?

2. Chesty Puller Park

Plan to visit Deltaville soon? Be sure to include Chesty Puller Park on your itinerary! This beautiful park boasts woodland trails, pier walks, picnic areas and sculpture gardens open from dawn until dusk. Additionally, don’t forget the Deltaville Maritime Museum where there’s something of interest for people of all ages including art and antiques that will captivate.

Deltaville boasts an active arts scene, featuring numerous galleries and shops that highlight local artists and artisans’ work. This provides an excellent way to support the community while finding unique souvenirs or gifts. Plus there are multiple restaurants providing delicious cuisine options!

If you enjoy outdoor activities, why not go on a cruise on one of Deltaville Maritime Museum’s classic Chesapeake Bay workboats from their pier every fourth Saturday from May through September? Cross Rip Campground is also popular, with RV sites and tent sites available as well as boat slips on Jackson Creek and Piankatank River for Jackson Creek/Piankatank River boat owners. Geocaching can also be fun; just use GPS technology to locate hidden containers!

Deltaville’s history is inextricably tied to its connection to water, as this Middlesex County town lies adjacent to some of Virginia’s finest sailing, fishing and cruising waters. Renowned as the boat-building capital of Chesapeake Bay, Deltaville features numerous marinas and marine related businesses that make up its waterfront community.

Deltaville offers many enjoyable activities for visitors of all ages and interests, from historic site tours and shopping, to experiencing its vibrant seafood culture and enjoying nature’s simple pleasures. Deltaville makes an excellent getaway destination from modern life’s stresses while enjoying simple pleasures of outdoor living.

If you are planning a visit to Deltaville, reach out to the Deltaville Chamber of Commerce. Its friendly atmosphere and family-oriented environment will quickly make you feel right at home! Additionally, visit their website to gain further insight.

3. Providence Church on the Piankatank

Deltaville lies along the tranquil coastal waters of Chesapeake Bay, between Rappahannock River to its north and Piankatank River to its south. Here you will discover an eclectic blend of historic and modern attractions which showcase all that Deltaville has to offer.

At the heart of Deltaville lies a picturesque church tucked within a lushly landscaped park: Providence Church on the Piankatank was constructed in 1776 and boasts a long tradition of religious activity and community service. If you are searching for spiritual solace or simply need a relaxing afternoon excursion, Deltaville Virginia should not miss this destination!

Deltaville residents love their coastal location and don’t hesitate to celebrate it with pride! Every year, Deltaville hosts numerous seafood festivals and events that offer residents an excellent opportunity to indulge in all of Deltaville’s delicious seafood while socializing with fellow residents while admiring scenic water views.

Deltaville offers more than annual seafood festivals; visitors will also enjoy boating, fishing, shopping and exploring its history. There are also a number of excellent restaurants serving up some of the best crab cakes and oysters around!

Deltaville offers a selection of hotels and vacation rentals suitable for every visitor’s stay, ranging from luxury properties with private docks to charming beach homes with breathtaking views of Chesapeake Bay. Furthermore, many vacation rentals in Deltaville are nearby popular beaches or attractions like Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park for added convenience.

Once you find a place to call home in Deltaville, it will be tempting to explore all its restaurants and shops! Some must-visit spots include Cafe by the Bay for coffee and breakfast sandwiches and J&W Seafood and Gourmet Market for fresh oysters and other seafood delights. You may also come across interesting shops such as Nauti Nell’s with nautical goodies for sale.

4. The Love Sign

Deltaville sits on a small peninsula jutting out into the Chesapeake like Jimmy Durante’s nose, bordered by both Rappahannock and Piankatank Rivers as well as by its surrounding bay – no doubt making this tiny gem known as “The Boating Capital of the Chesapeake”. Deltaville offers some of the best sailing, cruising, fishing, paddling waters in Maryland – no doubt giving rise to its nickname of “The Boating Capital of the Chesapeake”.

Deltaville is an inherently water town. To truly experience it, a boat – either one brought with or chartered upon arriving – will allow you to truly appreciate what this beautiful town has to offer. As most roads wind their way through neighborhoods before ending at the water’s edge, navigating it from sea level makes exploring much simpler.

If you’re visiting from land, why not book a charter at Norton Yachts to give yourself the experience of sailing or paddling the bay with a captain for an exciting and adventurous day. Or rent canoe or kayak gear from Jackson Creek Outfitters to explore on your own? Deltaville marinas serve as navigational way stations as you cruise the bay – especially an inlet filled with shoals which is tricky unless guided by local skipper; nevertheless it can be immensely satisfying!

Not only will you discover boats here, but you will also come across an idyllic river community complete with a good hardware store and interesting restaurants. As you drive further upriver, Urbanna (deserving its own Weekenders story) awaits you; an absolutely delightful little town complete with old general store and drugstore soda fountain.

If you’re visiting Deltaville during the summertime, be sure to stop by Deltaville Ballpark to experience semi-pro baseball action at this 1948 stadium that transports visitors back in time – it makes the Deltaville Deltas wood bat summer team feel at home here!